Documentation - De la v1.2.9 vers la v1.3.0

De la v1.2.9 vers la v1.3.0

Here is an easier way to update from v1.2.9 to v1.3.0.

Step 1. Download the attached zip file
Step 2. Do a Find/replace to change xxx_ to your prefix. Or if you aren't using a prefix, replace it with a blank.
Step 3. Upload v1.3.0 files to your server EXCEPT FOR config.php and admin/config.php. Overwrite the existing v1.2.9 files (Be sure you backed up any customizations or themes. Do NOT delete the existing files, you don't want to have to reupload your product images again or any custom modules.
Step 4. While uploading the files, execute the attached file via phpmyadmin either by importing the zip file directly or unzip and copy the contents of the sql file and paste it into the sql query window.


For additional information visit the Easy Upgrade: v1.2.9 to v1.3.0  topic.

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