Documentation - Installation vers un autre hébergeur ou domaine

Installation vers un autre hébergeur ou domaine

When you want to move your store to a new hoster or domain you need to do the following:

A: On your old domain/hoster:

  1. Backup your store files via FTP to your Pc.
  2. Backup your database using phpMyAdmin to your Pc.

B: On your new hoster/domain:

  1. Do a clean install of the same version of your version of Opencart.
  2. Delete all the files of this clean install EXCEPT the yourdomain\config.php and yourdomain\admin\config.php
  3. Use phpMyAdmin to empty ( not delete ) the new created database.
  4. Restore all the backup files made at A:1 EXCEPT the \config.php and \admin\config.php.
  5. Restore the backup of your database made at A: 2 using phpMyAdmin.
  6. In your admin check: System -> Settings: Store URL:
  7. Verify the correct rights on your store folders and files.
  8. Test the new store setup.